Transform Health

The client

Transform health is a team of personal trainers, cooks and dieticians making their mark by educating people to make healthier choices and providing all you need to do so. They approached us to redesign and develop their website to make it much more user friendly, easier to edit and also allow for the rapid expansion of the business.

With a new marketing campaign launch date already set we worked to their deadlines and delivered a great site that had much more of a focus on the user experience.

The website

The Transform website works a little different to other sites due to the separate arms of the business (and separate logos). The Transform Kitchen creates healthy and wholesome lunches, dietitian approved that are then delivered fresh each day (and trust me it’s delicious!).


The Transform Health side of the business offers corporate wellness programs, personal training and dietician sessions. We had to create consistent feel across the site so that people didn’t get lost between the two brands and understood how they work together.

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Responsive Design
Simple and effective design
Instagram Feed


Custom Ordering

Utilising wordpress with woocommerce we modified the ordering system to work a little differently to your standard e-commerce website. Transform offers 2 lunchbox options each day which can be ordered up until 6pm the night before. We made it easy for Transform to upload their menu months in advance, instead of week by week which is what their previous site allowed. It also automatically takes the meals off the menu once it reaches 6pm the night before and shows the next 7 days worth of meals.

We also made it super easy for regular customers to checkout with a saved account and also offer an automatically calculated discount for multiple meals purchased on the same day.


Weekly menu automatically shown
Product reviews
Easy to add products in advance
Account logins and order history

Custom Export

We also created a custom export section in the Transform backend to make it really easy for them to see the orders that needed to be made and delivered for a particular day. While Woocommerce offers some great reporting tools, none of them delivered exactly what the guys needed.
We created them a screen displaying the current day’s orders as well as a date picker that exports the chosen day’s orders into a CSV with the product, the delivery details and any comments the customer may have added.


Custom export of woocommerce orders
Based on the day the order needs to be delivered
Summary Screen
Export to CSV


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