Paddo to Palmy

The client

Heidi from Paddo to Palmy approached us to redesign and develop her e-commerce website selling moroccan fashion and homewares due to the limited functionality and high fees of the platform she was on (Shopify).

Heidi initially started out blogging when she needed a platform to document all her ideas after moving from Paddington to Palm Beach while renovating. Frustrated with the lack of products available in the style she wanted Paddo to Palmy was born!

The website

When Heidi approached us she was getting very frustrated with the lack of functionally control she had on shopify, and also the amount of fees she was getting slammed by per order! We suggested that she moved to an open source platform like wordpress with woocommerce, making it easy to expand the online store and functionality in the future no matter how much she continued to grow.

With a new logo already underway we worked used this as the base for an overall refresh creating a simpler, refined and high quality design that really showcased her great imagery and products.

Visit the site


Simple clean design
High fashion feel
Flexible system
Wholesale ordering system
Pre-order system


Multi Currency System

A large portion of Paddo To Palmy’s customer are based overseas, so having a multi currency system that allowed them to checkout in their currency of choice was an important factor on the site. We added a simple currency switcher to the menu that not only changed the prices displayed on the site to the preferred currency but also allowed the customers to checkout in that currency using either paypal or their credit card through eway.

In the backend Heidi could use the automatic currency conversion (based off the current exchange rates) or if she chose to, add in separate prices per currency.


Allow for AUD, USD and GBP
Currency switcher
Automatically convert the prices
Checkout in the selected currency
Integrate with Paypal and Eway

Email Template

We created an easy to use and functional email template for Paddo to Palmy to allow her to quickly and simply send out email blasts to her subscriber based. With just a few images, content and buttons Heidi has been able to increase conversion and get a lot of return customers coming back to purchase more when she announces that particular items are back in stock.


On Brand
Easy to update
Responsive email design


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