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Apricot Chicken Rissotto


This is Jesse's favourite risotto and recipe of all time! It uses apricot nectar instead of wine to increase the moisture and sweetness!

Michael’s Donuts


These are Michael's famous donuts, and boy are they delicious!

Enable Error Reporting in WordPress

coding, Websites, Wordpress

I often find myself trying to nut out a problem on a WordPress website and instead of getting some useful errors, I simply get a blank screen or the page loads without telling me why my code doesn’t work! Enter the below code into your…

Resolving wp_redirect and the “Headers Already Sent” message

coding, Websites, Wordpress

Often I come across the need to use wp_redirect when working with WordPress, however it often comes up with the “Headers Already Sent” error, below is a way to resolve this in WordPress websites.

Ensuring WordPress Session Start

coding, Websites, Wordpress

There may come a time when you may need to manually enable/disable sessions on your Wordpress website. However using your typical $_SESSION may not always work correctly. If you are running into some problems try adding this to your…

How to add shortcodes into sidebar widgets

coding, Websites, Wordpress

Ever downloaded a sweet new plugin and installed it on your Wordpress website, and tried to use the shortcodes in your sidebars? Well, stop banging your head against a wall because here's some quick code to help you get this working.

How to setup your Google business email with Outlook


Does this sound familiar? "HALP! I can't get my Googles into my Outlooks!" Don't worry, we've got you sorted, below you'll find out the instructions you need to get your Gmail working in your Outlook.

An infographic about infographic design for your business

Branding, Print Design

Infographic design for your business

Branding, Print Design

Have you ever tried to concentrate on a huge amount of data regardless of whether or not this data interests you or is helpful but can't focus or take any of it in? Unfortunately this is common problem across the world and can have a…

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